June 30, 2023 – Bufori is delighted to share the news of the completion of the EViE pilot project at Garden International School in June 2023, showcasing promising strides in the integration of electric vehicles into education. The successful conclusion of the pilot project at Garden International School, a  significant achievement, reflects the dedication to innovative STEM education.

Roots and Growth

The EViE pilot project germinated from a collaborative effort with a forward-thinking Technology teacher, Mr. Ian Wade, in 2022, blossoming into a tangible learning experience for students by June 2023. The success of the pilot at Garden International School stems from a shared commitment to fostering a passion for engineering through hands-on, practical applications.

Student-Centric Learning and Safety

Throughout the project, students at Garden International School actively participated in assembling the EViE cars, emphasizing a student-centric approach to education. Safety, a paramount concern, was prioritized with features like TIG-welded stainless steel chassis, roll-over bars, and styrofoam crashboxes. The students not only showcased their driving skills but also demonstrated a holistic understandin g of car setup, team strategy, and safety adherence.

Future Prospects and Collaborative Expansion

The completion of the EViE pilot project at Garden International School sets the stage for a humble yet impactful contribution to STEM education. As the program gains momentum, we are pleased to share that several other international schools in Malaysia have since joined the initiative, embracing the potential for innovative, hands-on learning experiences. Bufori remains committed to nurturing a genuine passion for engineering and the automotive industry among students.

In closing, the EViE pilot project’s success at Garden International School represents a meaningful step forward in Bufori’s educational endeavors. The achievements are a testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication of all involved. As we reflect on this journey, we look forward to the continued growth of the EViE program, shaping a future where education is not just acquired but experienced, one humble milestone at a time.

More information on the Bufori EViE program can be found here.