Carbon Kevlar Hybrid Composite Material

Bufori has been at the forefront of advanced composite car construction. For nearly three decades, the material of choice has been a combination of Carbon-Fibre and Kevlar, forming an advanced hybrid composite material.

Carbon-Fibre is well known in motorsports and is commonly used in hyper car monocoque structures due to its ultra-light and rigid properties.

Kevlar is the strongest synthetic fibre on the planet (in fact, 7 times stronger than steel) and is mainly used in aerospace applications such as aircraft fuselages and wings. The most striking characteristics of Kevlar is its ability to memorise its original shape.

By weaving Carbon-fibre and Kevlar composite fabrics together into a specific pattern, we combine the best of both materials to produce the most desirable advanced hybrid composite fabric.

Using proprietary resins and applying cutting-edge resin infusion techniques to bind the materials, we achieve an incredible strength to weight ratio and structural integrity, providing maximum safety for the vehicle occupants.