October 19th, 2022 – In the exciting world of electric vehicles and STEM education, Bufori embarked on a groundbreaking journey with the initiation of the EViE program. It all began when a Technology teacher from Garden International School Kuala Lumpur approached Bufori in 2022. The teacher envisioned the possibility of building an electric race car kit for students, sparking the inception of the EViE project, “Electric Vehicles In Education” (EViE).

The EViE Car: Meticulously Crafted for Passionate Learning

Bufori, with over 35 years of automotive expertise, applied the same production and quality standards used for its full-scale luxury vehicles to create the EViE cars. These kits, designed as extracurricular STEM activities, are delivered in a disassembled state. Students, during the term, engage in assembling the cars, fostering a hands-on approach to learning. The EViE cars, standardized for fair competition, showcase safety features such as a TIG-welded stainless steel chassis, roll-over bar, styrofoam crashbox, disc brakes, safety harness, and an external kill switch. With a maximum speed of approximately 29 km/h, the EViE 2 is not just a race car; it’s a durable, high-quality vehicle crafted for passionate and lasting learning experiences.

Benefits Beyond the Track: Shaping Future Engineers

The EViE project addresses a critical issue faced by Bufori – the lack of passion in young graduate engineers. Beyond the thrill of racing, the project provides students with an opportunity to explore various disciplines, including management, marketing, and more. It aims to ignite a passion for engineering at a young age, shaping well-rounded individuals with a profound understanding of the automotive industry. The benefits extend beyond the track, encompassing skills that are transferable to various career paths.


Pilot Run at Garden International School Kuala Lumpur

To kickstart the EViE journey, Bufori conducted a pilot run at Garden International School Kuala Lumpur. As part of the extracurricular STEM activities, the school purchased EViE electric race car kits. Students enthusiastically embraced the challenge of assembling the cars, demonstrating their driving skills and strategic acumen in races against other participating schools. The pilot run not only showcased the success of the EViE program but also highlighted its potential to enrich the educational experience for students.

In conclusion, the EViE program by Bufori marks a transformative approach to STEM education, creating a dynamic platform that goes beyond traditional learning boundaries. It’s not just about racing cars; it’s about nurturing a passion for innovation, teamwork, and a future generation of skilled individuals ready to make their mark in the automotive industry.

More information on the EViE program can be found here.