March 5th, 2023 — Bufori, the Malaysian handmade luxury car manufacturer, is set to make a thrilling entry into the domestic motorsports scene as it partners with the Malaysian Speed Festival (MSF) for the 2023 racing season. The collaboration will see Bufori play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of participants by providing the Bufori CS prototype as the official safety car and the Bufori Geneva Luxury Saloon as the designated medical car for six action-packed race weekends.

Gerry Khouri, Founder & Managing Director of Bufori, expressed his enthusiasm for this groundbreaking venture, stating, “At Bufori, we are passionate about pushing boundaries and embracing new challenges. Partnering with MSF allows us to bring the elegance and performance of Bufori cars to the heart of the Malaysian racing community. It is a testament to our commitment to innovation and the pursuit of excellence in every endeavor.”

The Bufori CS prototype, with its cutting-edge design and advanced safety features, will lead the pack as the official safety car, ensuring a swift and secure response in case of any on-track incidents. This collaboration underscores Bufori’s dedication to not only crafting luxurious vehicles but also contributing to the broader automotive landscape.

Felix Haller, General Manager of Bufori, highlighted the significance of safety in motorsports and Bufori’s role in ensuring it. He remarked, “Safety is paramount in any racing event, and Bufori is proud to provide our top-of-the-line vehicles to serve as the safety and medical cars for the MSF Race Series. The Bufori Geneva Luxury Saloon, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, reflects our commitment to the well-being of the racing community.”

Bufori’s participation in the MSF Race Series marks a strategic move to showcase the brand’s capabilities beyond the realm of luxury cars. This collaboration not only aligns with Bufori’s values but also contributes to the overall excitement and safety of the Malaysian motorsports scene.

As Bufori takes center stage in the upcoming MSF Race Series, the brand continues to exemplify excellence, combining luxury with performance in every stride.

About MSF

MSF (Malaysia Speed Festival) is a local MAM/FIA-sanctioned racing championship which aims to promote grass roots as well as the general motorsport scene in Malaysia. MSF which started in 2010, was known as SNF (Saturday Night Fever) in the past and today, MSF is the biggest local motorsport event in the country with over 270 cars and bikes, and over 300 drivers and riders.

The sanctioned racing series covers MSF SuperTurismo (saloon racing series with over 10 categories) as well as MSF Superbikes (superbike racing series two 2 categories). Apart from these, MSF also features MSF Touge. Other activities include car shows, track days and more!