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The BUFORI Factory

BUFORI vehicles are being built in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Unlike any other automobile-factories, one will not see any automised production lines. Every single car is handcrafted.

Skilled and creative

Our most valuable asset is our skilled craftsmen, with their passion for perfection and their willingness to continuously improve every detail of our car. They work with precision and pride, obsessed by obtaining the best possible results. Technical by education, and passionate at heart, we like to see our factory staff as artists working on a masterpiece.

Creativity is most welcomed at BUFORI. Every individual worker is strongly encouraged to find new ways to overcome technical challenges. By thinking out of the box, we find innovative solutions every day. Solutions that help making our cars even better.

Working for BUFORI is also an affair of honour. This is one of the reasons why our team-members stay with the company for many years and patiently pass on their knowledge and their passion to the new generation.

Handwork over machinery

Our philosophy is to favour handwork over machinery whenever this is possible. Traditional craftsmanship, be it in the trimming department or the design studio, requires time. The time needed to execute tasks to perfection.

All fine things in life come with patience. Noble spirits such as Armagnac can lie in barrels for many years before reaching perfection. The best Bordeaux shall never be indulged prior to gaining maturity. Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel during 4 years. But the best example of all is to watch your children grow.

It is the same feeling for us. Building a BUFORI La JOYA demands approximately 3,500 working hours and a lot of organisational discipline. But seeing the little parts slowly coming together to create an overwhelming big picture is still an amazing experience for us, even after so many years and units built. The effort and soul of each worker lies in every car, and we honestly admit that we have a hard time separating from them, and always like to follow their whereabouts.

Passion and patience

All our customers undoubtedly appreciate the finer things in life, and they know how much care is put into their vehicle. At BUFORI, patience is always rewarded, and the result is simply worth waiting for.
To shorten the waiting, every future owner can request for a miniature silhouette model that is painted in exactly the same colours as the original car. Furthermore, customers will be informed about the production status of the car together with updated photos and comments of the engineer in charge. At BUFORI, you can witness the birth of your car.

Visit the Factory

Visiting the BUFORI factory is truly a one-of-a-kind experience for every car enthusiast. Please contact us if you wish to discover the exclusive world of BUFORI. Tours of the factory are only possible upon appointment.
A steering wheel being hand-stitched.
In the engineering department.
Final assembly of a La JOYA.
Advanced vacuum bagging.
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