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Malaysia My Second Home Special (MM2H)

The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme is an initiative of the Malaysian Government which accords non-Malaysians from all over the world a ten year renewable Social Visit Pass with Multiple Entry Visa amongst all the other attractive privileges attached to it.

One of the fringe benefits from this programme is the option for successful applicants to either import one (1) used car that belongs to the applicant personally from his or her country of residence (subject to Approved Permit but exempted from payment of import duty, excise duty and sales tax if done within 6 months from MM2H pass endorsement date) OR to purchase one (1) locally made passenger car in Malaysia which is exempted from payment of excise duty and sales tax (within 1 year from MM2H pass endorsement).

BUFORI tax-free!

The Bufori Motor Car Company (M) Sdn Bhd is proudly handcrafting Bufori Motorcars in Malaysia and is pleased to support the Malaysian Government in offering this benefit to qualified expatriates when they purchase a new Bufori (subject to Government's approval).

Contact Us

Should you wish to find out more about buying a handcrafted BUFORI under the MM2H programme, kindly contact us.
Further information can also be obtained at the below internet links to the official MM2H website.

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