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Premium quality

BUFORI builds premium motorcars for discerned owners. May it be the selection of the mechanical parts, the leather, electronics or many other components - only the best branded quality is used to custom build your dream car.

Have a look at our German leather hides. The Alp-cows are only bred for their skin, neither for their meat nor their milk. They are protected from insects and electrical fences. A mere mosquito bite is regarded as an imperfection and disqualifies the hide from being used in a BUFORI.
Moreover, the colour treatment adds to the durability of the car. Fully impregnated, the leather will be resistant to scratches and friction. On top of this, our skilled craftsmen omit the belly-zone of the hide.
This is quality that you will be able to feel.

Built to last

Unlike mass-produced vehicles, the BUFORI La JOYA is designed to last for generations. To achieve this goal, all the parts are also chosen for their durability.

A good example are the metal parts of the BUFORI La JOYA.
Except for the chassis, all the metal components are 316 grade stainless steel, the highest industrial standard. Even small screws and tiny rivets are made of it.
The chassis is made of mild steel and made resistant against corrosion by applying high-tech chemicals before it is sealed with several layers of anti-rust paint. This process prevents corrosion for many decades.

Made to order

Another reason why a BUFORI La JOYA is so special is the fact that it is built to order. One will not simply walk into a showroom and drive off with your dream-car.
While a unit might be available at your nearest dealer, it would a shame not to make use of the unique opportunity of having a car built only for you.
From the first moulding process, the BUFORI La JOYA will carry your name. You will be able to follow the production process and see how your dream car slowly comes together.
BUFORI will keep you updated on each step of the production process. As a unique feature, a BUFORI customer will have his personalised web-page with constantly updated news and pictures of his car (available soon).
But you will not only be able to see the birth of your car, you will also be involved in the production process. Each car is unique, and you will have the freedom of customising the BUFORI La JOYA to your individual preferences.

Freedom of choice

Choice is true luxury, and choice is beyond doubt offered to any BUFORI owner. The only limit: imagination.

In fact, the body colour can be matched by 99% with any colour sample chosen by the customer. Similar accuracy rates are obtained to match the colour of the upholstery and carpets. By request, the initials or name of the owner can be sewed into the fine leather.
Even the perforation distance for the stereo speakers or various types of stitching can be chosen. Not to speak of the density of the armrest, which is litterally customised to the comfort of the driver.
As a special feature, BUFORI would even mount precious stones in the car interior.
BUFORI owners have a total freedom of expression and the La JOYA is a reflection of their sophisticated personality and refined taste.

Customisation options are truly endless, and most of the times it is more difficult to formulate a specific wish than for BUFORI to make it happen.
Some choices are difficult to make. Our team will be glad to assist you. Exclusivity made by BUFORI - Be Unique!

BUFORI sample case. To guide your imagination.
Finest quality hides from Germany.
BUFORI steering wheel and gold plated gages. Embroidery can be personalised.
Embroidered BUFORI logotype to seat facings. Embroidery can be personalised.
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