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Traditional Craftsmanship

BUFORI's philosophy is to privilege manual work over machinery. When entering the manufacture, one will not find an automated production line, but many specialised craftsmen who put a lot of heart and soul into building our cars.
Machines are simply unable to replace our skilled workers and especially their passion and eye for detail. Every BUFORI contains the spirit for perfection of our craftsmen.

A BUFORI La JOYA is built in approximately 3,500 man hours, going through 25 production stages. From the moulding to the interior trim, we take the time to make things to perfection.
A lot of patience goes into the polishing of the stainless steel. Our unique welding works have caught the attention of the industry. Also, the painting of the body is not a standardised process: regardless of the amount of layers of paint, the job is only considered completed when the technician in charge is fully satisfied.

In the electrical department, every single cable is stretched over one of the ten wire-harnesses boards that go into one car and meticulously tested.
The fine leather is hand-stitched onto the steering wheel in the trim department. The same is valid for secondary components like the safety triangle case or the pouch for the first aid kit. In the same spirit, the perforation of the leather is done by hand. We truly build cars as if they were for our own usage, and we take the time to obtain a faultless result.

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