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The Bufori Model Evolution

From the first Bufori to the current La JOYA, every new model has become a statement of style, luxury and technology. We at BUFORI like to see our models as an evolution. New models benefit from past experience and customer feedback, making them even more prestigious and unique.

It is an evolution of science because we only use the latest in automotive technology, but it is also an evolution of design.
Thus, we do not really like our models to be compared, each one being unique in its own way.

For instance, the succesful MK II is in many ways very different from today's BUFORI La JOYA.
The MKII is a classical roadster with softtop that embodies the driving experience of bygone times coupled with modern technology.
The BUFORI La JOYA offers the comfort and elegant sportiness of a luxury coupé, together with a timeless nostalgic design.

These are two different approaches, which appeal to different types of drivers.

On these pages you will be able to browse through the fascinating evolution of BUFORI, from the most recent La JOYA to the very first BUFORI Madison, 20 years back.
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